À partir du mois du 27 septembre, des travaux de restauration auront lieu sur la terrasse et les parties souterraines qui seront donc inaccessibles au public. Seules les visites libres et la visite guidée des mosaïques gallo-romaines seront proposées.

Rebuilt at the end of the 17th century by Saint-Maur Benedictines, the monastery buildings are a fine example of classical style architecture. The restoration by the community of Pays d’Orthe et Arrigans municipalities that has been underway since 2002 has revealed all its beauty.

In this solemn place, where stone, water and plants invite you to contemplate, one can stroll from the chapter house to the dining hall and then to the grand terrace overlooking the Gave d’Oloron canal. The uncommonly charming landscape contributes to the presentation of this fascinating and enchanting heritage site. The underground tunnel and its 14 boathouses, stretching 70 meters along the river and its pier, make it an absolutely unique place in France.

Open from March to November – choose a tour! 

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Self-Guided or guided tour

The guided tour lasts about 45 minutes. Group limited to 18 people. Advance booking recommended.

The self-guided tour allows you to wander through the abbey areas with the help of a map and explanatory signs. You visit at your own pace.

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Visite libre

La visite libre vous invite à déambuler dans les bâtiments conventuels de l'abbaye à l'aide de panneaux explicatifs. Vous visitez à votre rythme.

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Family tour

Have a ball exploring the abbey! "Brother John’s games" provides children aged 4 to 12 with riddles, charades, brain-teasers, word puzzles, mazes, etc.

Les jeux de frère Jean 4 à 6 ans

Les jeux de frère Jean 7 à 12 ans

With the Terre é O rally (Earth & Water), in partnership with 2X Aventures (canoe rental centre), Saint-Jean’s Abbey created this  activity that brings the entire family together for a fun and educational ride from the church to the banks of the Gave d'Oloron.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes. From the age of 8. Free. 

Le rallye Terre é O

Trobairitz musical tour

Une déambulation sonore et musicale au coeur de l'abbaye !

Listen to the 3D audio tour of Béatrice de Die, a lady troubadour from the 12th century, and let your imagination wander to the rhythm of the actors’ voices and medieval music.

Created by Léa Chevrier for the abbey.

Length: 40 minutes. Advance booking recommended. 

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Groups and schools

The abbey welcomes groups of 10 or more people (Company staff committees, non-profit organizations, tour operators and schools} Year-round. By advance booking.

Tour terms and conditions: contact the abbey

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Nos propositions pédagogiques pour les scolaires

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