The paths of creation in residency

The Saint-Jean Abbey welcomes artists to this stimulating and inspirational place. Musicians, sculptors, painters and actors make the public aware of their art and interact with the place by highlighting it.

Sound art/In situ creation : Léa CHEVRIER

Léa Chevrier explores the narrative and sensory possibilities offered by binaural sound (3D sound for listening with headphones). As the author of the Trobairitz musical tour, she continues her contemplation by proposing a new immersive sound composition in the abbey’s spaces.

You can visit and discover it throughout the season in the chapter house.

CIE l'Etabli : Street theatre/Creativity in public spaces

In residence May 25th – 29th - Co-organised with Lacaze aux Sottises

The starting point for this creation is the story of Frau Troffea who, in the middle of the summer of 1518 in Strasbourg, leaves her home and begins to dance, to the point of creating an epidemic. Following Frau Troffea’s example, the theatre company takes this giddiness further, staging a show that resembles taking a break to stop, question ourselves, reconnect with our bodies, meet each other and start again.

Elisabetta Spagiari, Jessica Hinds, Mélanie Tanneau (comédiennes), Cécile Vitrant (Mise en scène), Frédéric Naud (écriture)


Music and Songs of Asia Minor

Julie Lobato, Marion Verbois, Aina Tullie continue their experimental work with music and songs from Asia Minor. With an original instrumental ensemble that mixes instruments from here and everywhere, the three musicians invent lively music where the emblematic sounds of these regions converse with those of other traditions that they embody.

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