The Saint-Jean Abbey welcomes artists to this stimulating and inspirational place. Musicians, sculptors, painters and actors make the public aware of their art and interact with the place by highlighting it.

Valérie Tatin Sauzet

"The abbey stones tell their story"

Residence from March 22nd to April 02nd and from April 11th to 16th / Restitution from May 20th to November 25th

The aim of Valérie Tatin Sauzet's residency is to inventory and interpret the stones used to build the convent buildings. She is a stonemason and restorer of French historic monument sites. The study of the materials, cutting, and the stone remants are all clues to understanding the evolution of construction and know-how of the builders.

The restoration of this residence will take the form of a "stone path" that reveals the particularities of the construction in situ.

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