In 2002, the Communauté de communes du Pays d’Orthe et Arrigans undertook the restoration of the monastic buildings of Sorde Abbey, which had been severely damaged over the centuries by a series of wars, destruction, looting and the wear and tear of time.

In order to consolidate these buildings and ensure the safety of visitors, major consolidation, devegetation and restoration work has been carried out on all the buildings, under the direction of the chief architect of historic monuments, Stéphane Thouin.

The last stage of this programme was completed in 2023 with the restoration of the underground parts of the abbey (cryptoporticus and landing stage). Preventive archeological excavations accompanied the earthworks above the criptoporticus. They revealed walls that predate the creation of the cryptoporticus and a remarkable system of waterproofing the vaults thanks to buried tile roofs.

The work was made possible thanks to the financal support of the State, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Landes Department and sponsors.

The next restoration project will concern the abbey church. The Commune of Sorde-l'Abbaye has obtained the support of the Mission Patrimoine led by Stéphane Bern, deployed by the Fondation du patrimoine and supported by the Ministry of Culture and the FDJ. Sorde Abbey has been selected as an emblematic site of Nouvelle-Aquitaine for the Loto du patrimoine 2023.


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