The Saint-Jean de Sorde Abbey, located on the Tours route, is an undeniable milestone for discovering the heritage of Saint James in the Landes.

As a local pilgrimage centre in the Middle Ages, Saint-Jean’s Abbey attracted pilgrims who came to implore the treasure of relics kept in its abbey church. In this context, it was also a major stopover for Santiago de Compostela pilgrims who could find hospitality there before crossing the Gave d’Oloron, which was often dangerous, as shown in Volume 5 of the Codex Calextinus, which became the Pilgrim’s Guide, written in the 12th century. Today, the village continues the tradition of hospitality by welcoming pilgrims of all nationalities at a local 3-star gite.

The routes of Compostela in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Landes

It is in our region, at the gateway to Spain, that the four main current Compostela routes converge. With 26 monuments and a section of the route listed by UNESCO, these routes are an essential part of Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s heritage and an undeniable factor for development.

The Tours route that crosses through the Landes is 150 kilometres long and takes pilgrims from the village of Le Muret to Sorde-l’Abbaye, passing through Moustey, Laboueyre, Onesse-et-Laharie, Lesperon, Taller, Lesperon, Gourbera, Saint-Paul-les-Dax and Dax.

After Dax followed by Saint-Pandelon, the territory of Pays d’Orthe et Arrigans marks the last stages of the Landes before entering the northern Basque Country in the direction of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port where the Pyrenees are crossed via the Ronceveaux Pass.


Accommodations for pilgrims in Pays d’Orthe et Arrigans

The route chosen by the Société landaise des Amis de Saint-Jacques et d’études compostellanes (Landes Association of Friends of Saint James and Compostela Studies) passes through Cagnotte, then Saint-Cricq-du-Gave and Sorde-l’Abbaye, three villages that welcome pilgrims in their gite.

  • CAGNOTTE - Refuge de l'abbaye - Chemin de Compostelle - 40300 Cagnotte

En savoir + : les détails du gîte

                     un peu d'histoire


  •  SAINT-CRICQ-DU-GAVE - Gîte du pèlerin - 74 rue du Barrail - 40300 Saint-Cricq-du-Gave

En savoir + : les détails du gîte

                    un peu d'histoire


  • SORDE-L'ABBAYE - Gîte jacquaire - 92 rue Juzan - 40300 Sorde-l'Abbaye

    En savoir + : les détails du gîte

                        un peu d'histoire


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    • L'Agence des Chemins de Compostelle/ACIR : 4 rue Clémence Isaure 31000 TOULOUSE - Tel : 05 62 27 00 05 -
    • La Société landaise des Amis de Saint-Jacques et d'études compostellanes : 2 rue Augustin Lesbazeilles 40000 Mont de Marsan - Tel : 05 58 93 38 33 -
    • Les amis de Saint-Jacques dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques :

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